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The Geek Test

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Are you a geek?

Answer the questions below to find out how geek you are:

1. How many computers do you have at home?

2. How many of them are running Linux?
25% of less
25% to 99%
All of them
Why would I want to run Linux on a MAC?

3. What model was your first PC?
IBM XT/compatible or older (Commodore included!)
286 / 386
486 / Pentium/compatible
Pentium-II or higher
I've never had a PC, MAC rulz!!!

4. How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer for any non-work related purpose?

5. How many programming languages do you know?

Would you prefer working on your computer than:
6. Watching your favorite TV show?
7. Going out with your friends?
8. Having sex?

9. When working on Windows, do you usually have a cmd window open?
What's cmd?
What's Windows?

10. Do you read XKCD?
Yes, every day, and Cyanide & Happiness too!
Sometimes, when I've got the time
No, too geeky for me
What's XKCD?

Which of the following programs do you have installed on your computer?
11. Visual Studio (or any other programming environment)
12. Any SysInternals utility
13. WinDBG
14. IDA
15. VMWare (or any similar software)
16. Wireshark
17. nmap

18. In x86 machine code, the command 0x90 means:

19. What does LCD stand for?
Little Cute Dinosaurs
Liquid Crystal Display
Linear Color Display
Levi-Coleman Display

20. Have you ever tried copying a copy-protected disk?
21. Have you succeeded?
22. Without using a crack for that application available on the Internet?

23. How many digits of Pi (after the decimal period) do you know by heart?
2 or less
10 or more

24. Have you ever built a computer by yourself?
No, but I did install a PCI card or an internal drive by myself
Every single one of my computers, including my laptop

25. What is the H.323 protocol used for?
Video compression
There is no such protocol

26. Do you have your own Internet domain name?

27. Have you ever been called a geek by a geek?
28. Do you consider yourself a geek?

29. What is the ln command used for in Linux?
Listing files
Logging in
Creating links

30. Have you regularly watched Star Trek / Babylon-5 / any similar Sci-Fi series?
31. Have you ever attended a Sci-Fi convention?
32. Dressed-up like a character from the corresponding series or movie?

Have you ever seen the following movies more than once?
33. The Matrix
34. any Monty Python movie
35. War Games
36. any Star Wars movie
37. The Princess Bride
38. any Star Trek movie
39. Clerks
40. Spaceballs or Galaxy Quest or both
41. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and also read the book

Do you have?
42. At least 2 of the above movies on an origianl DVD
43. a PDA
44. 5'' diskettes
45. Magic the Gathering cards
46. a soldering iron

47. have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons?
48. ADnD?
49. RDnD?

50. Can you count to 31 on a single hand?

Have you ever used?
51. Usenet
52. IRC
53. Gopher

54. ! j00 (@|\| R3@d T#!5 53|_3(t @|\|5|/\|3R |\||_||\/|B3R 0|_|r
First answer
Second answer
Third answer
Fourth answer

55. Have you ever plotted world domination?
56. Not as a joke?
57. Actually started carrying-out your master plan?

58. Do you have a shelf at home full of computer books?
59. Are some of them over 10 years old, completely useless these days and only kept for their sentimental value?

60. Do you know that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42?
61. Have you put a lot of thought to finding a method to discover the ultimate question?
62. Do you already know the ultimate question?

63. What is the capital city of Spain?
Buenos Aires

64. Have you ever studied anything on your on free will (not at class or as homework)?
65. During the weekend nights?
66. Even when there was the alternative of going to a party?

67. Do you have your own website?
68. Have you created a website using nothing more than a simple text editor?

69. Your favorite TV channel is:
Discovery, the History channel or a similar channel
The Sci-Fi channel or a similar channel
A public-access channel
Not any of the above

70. Your favorite Internet browser is:
Internet Explorer

Have you ever used one of the following browsers:
71. Netscape Navigator
72. Moasic
73. Lynx

You would really like to visit (or attend):
74. A science museum
75. Blackhat or Defcon
76. Another planet
77. Microsoft HQ in Redmond

78. What is your favorite methods of downloading music or movies:
Public BitTorrent trackers (e.g. ThePirateBay)
Private BitTorrent trackers
Usenet (alt.binaries)
An FXP forum that I have access to
A top site that I have access to

Have you ever attended:
79. A LAN party
80. A gaming convention
81. Any computer related convention
82. Have you ever hosted any of the above?

Does your computer have:
83. A SCSI or RAID adapter
84. At least 4GB of RAM
85. More than two hard drives
86. Both Video-in AND Video-out connectors
87. A fiber-optic network adapter
88. Any piece of hardware that costs >1000$

89. Have you ever shopped online?
90. For clothing or groceries?
91. Paid your bills online?
92. Ordered pizza online?

93. Is your computer running a daemon of any kind?
94. Are any people other than yourself actually using it?

95. Can you multiply 13 by 21 without any accessories (not even a pen and paper)?
96. When the calculation is done in hexdecimal base?

97. Can you type without looking at your keyboard?
98. Does your keyboard use a DVORAK layout?

99. Did you use google to get the answers for questions 19,20,25,29,63?

100. Did you cheat on this test?
Yes, to get a lower geek score
Yes, to get a higher geek score